Facts of the Matter

Susan Alice Carolyn Jim Bob Mom Ruth Dad Me -- 1951

Families evolve.
Parents mature which changes their approach to life and child-rearing.
My parents were wise and mellow.

The age at which memories were created influences what one remembers. A few years ago I was surprised at the smallness of the house and farm where I was born and raised. As a child they were huge but I was much smaller then and size is a relative thing.

Age also influences memory. Children accept what they see as fact while adults interpret according to what already resides in their memory banks. There are 11 years difference between my oldest brother and myself so it's quite possible we remember the same events quite differently.

If no one else writes their memoirs then what I remember is Gospel. If someone else writes the Bradley Family History, and you read it, you'll be like the man with two watches who never knew exactly what time it was.