Night & Day Dove of Peace

Zeus, Athena & Achilles---------Teach Peace Butterfly

Canaan's Emoji
---..........--- Sundial

Magdalen's Garden -____-Uyen's Memorial


Virginia's Dove ___Rasha's Toddler Sanctuary

Voxie's Award --- Kayla's Award

Jazmin's Peace

Welcome to Learn____2021 Vacation Bible Camp

Homestead Property Marker _____ Rock Star for Peace

Katherine's Fire on the Mountain _____Patty's Picture

Teach Peace_____Deven's Eagle

Stairway to Heaven _ Light to the Desert

Sun eating tree _____-Mayan Long Count Calendar

Full Moon on the way to Estrella____ Star Sue Larson saved us._

Alice and Les at home_____Thank You Notes

On the way to Rancho Santa Fe

Dragon Hatch__ Mountain Eaters

Deven's Delta Ibis _____ Lydia's Pretty Pegasus


Travelers' Rest_____Unity Tree

Unicorns _____ Trinity