Family Pictures

Dr. John & Marylyn Bradley, May 1967 to Today


2023 Maple Grove Cemetary Review

With sale of the final segment of the original Bradley homestead the only places
our generation has left to home in on is my sister Carolyn's new
home in Herscher Illinois and Maple Grove Cemetery.

Carolyn's Retirement Home

Marylyn, Carolyn, Christine

Marylyn @ Stonehenge

Don's Return from WWII
2023 is MFG Coffee

Family Oak Tree

Last of our generation

Carolyn, Sue, John & Ruth

Property Marker

My 80th Birthday 80 candle
Birthday Cake

Tradition I started for my
father when he turned
80 in 1980


Howard & Esther Bradley 1976

Cecil & Edith Patton 1983

John Delany Winger
presented family Civil War
Cavalry Sword

Deven's Sycamore

Canaan John Bradley

Lydia Chance's pizza

Deven's Science Project

Our every day!

Easter 2015

October 2015 Trip Home

When Samuel Beebe homesteaded in 1836 his was one of two "white families" between Momence and Chicago. Chief Yellowhead's village was less than a mile away in the woods up a gentle slope on the other side of a stream. Mr. Beebe spoke of wolves and a herd of more than 300 deer in the meadows between his homestead and Chief Yellowhead's village. Leonard Perry Bradley, my Grandfather, married Mr. Beebe's daughter Bertha and inherited the farm. Leonard died in 1941 a few weeks after I was born. There's an owl in the far left picture.



Lydia Chance at 18 Months

Sandy Jean Smith
Memorial Service
Pleasant Grove,
Hatton, Missouri June 13, 2009